Unchained Bundle Add-On

Unlock The Full Power Of Your Free Plan Account

Direct Link & All Add-on's & No Advertisements

For only 29$/m.

What is the Unchained Bundle Add-On?

The Unchained Bundle add-on is a package of all our current add-ons plus two major additions:
Direct Stream Link(No listeners authentication) and Removal of Radio Page Advertisements.
With a Direct stream link you can publish your radio to directories like TuneIn.com and such...
you can also use any stream player you'd like directly in your website, including MUSES RADIO PLAYER in addition to our

What's Included?

  • Direct Stream Link
  • Remove Page(&Player) Advertisements
  • Dancefloor Page
  • 21 Podcasts Upgrade
  • 1000 Listeners Upgrade
  • No Idle Timeout
  • No account removal due to inactivity

How to get it?

Just login to your Free Plan account Control Panel and click 'ADDONS' at the main menu.
If you have already purchased an add-on, you must first cancel it before purchasing the unchained bundle.