is a service provider and does not provide content to users that use our network. We take the rights of copyright owners very seriously as the entertainment industry relies on the ability of artists and other involved parties to make money from their work. The service is intended to help artists, bands, DJs and small radio stations to get free and professional streaming bandwidth and we do not allow the streaming of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner.

Under the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002, we are not liable to any criminal or pecuniary penalty for any unlawful acts carried out by service users unless we have actual knowledge of those unlawful acts. If we become aware of credible evidence that a user has carried out any unlawful acts, including copyright infringement, then we will take measures to prevent further infringement, including but not limited to the permanent termination of the account, banning of the email address or IP address of the offending user or any other reasonable action to prevent further infringement.

Licensing and copyright compliance are the sole responsibility of users. We reserve the right to remove or terminate any account that we believe to be streaming content illegally or infringing on the rights of others without notice.

If you a copyright owner or are acting on behalf of a copyright owner and believe that one of our users has infringement on your rights then please send us a Copyright Infringement Ticket. We will review the information provided within 48 hours and if your complaint is valid then we will terminate the user’s account.