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Everything you need for an internet radio station

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With a new era comes new audio quality standard Now fully support OPUS streams

Experience the future of audio with Opus! This state-of-the-art audio codec delivers superior sound quality, even at lower bitrates, outperforming MP3 in every aspect.
With its low latency and efficient compression algorithm, Opus stream at 64Kbps is superior to a 128Kbps MP3 stream.
Switch to Opus and enjoy a seamless audio experience that’s music to your ears.

Management Panel

Take full control of the streaming server, broadcast and website
with our control panel and content management system

Dashboard Overview

View and manage every detail of the streaming server, broadcasts, listeners and more in one page.

Listeners overview

View and manage your broadcast listeners details and count in real time.

Program Schedule

A complete, advanced program schedule system with recurring shows and specials.

Content Management

Manage every aspect of your radio website: News, Staff, Shows and Specials, Social Feeds, Comments and more

Website Subscribers

View and manage your website subscribers ,see who is active and when he was last seen.

"On-Demand" Recordings

Automatically or manually record your broadcast to our Cloud; up to 1 hours for one recording and a total of 7 recordings

Radio Website

A complete, fully featured, modern, customizable, beautiful radio website optimized for mobile with an extensive easy-to-use content mangement system.

Broadcast Player

A beautiful live stream player synchronized with your program schedule with current show and progress bar display.

Program Schedule

Automatic display of your weekly schedule from your configured shows and specials and a dedicated page to each show and special.


Allow your listeners to subscribe to your website, comment and like news articles, shows and specials.

News Articles

Publish and schedule news articles with our advanced content editor, insert all media types including Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram and TikTok posts and more.

Social Feeds

Connect your social network account and display a beautiful feed of your posts from all of them, supporting Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, VK..

and much more

On Demand Recordings,
Staff Members Pages,
Shows & Specials Pages,
Desktop Player,
Comments & Likes

Pragmatically control your streaming server.

With our extensive API

Our robust API grants you unprecedented control over your streaming server. Start and stop the server at will, retrieve real-time data, manage recordings, and fine-tune settings—all programmatically. Whether you’re a seasoned broadcaster or just starting out, our seamless integration empowers your radio journey. Elevate your experience today!

Ready to start broadcasting ?

Need even more? Cloud PLUS

Unlock additional features and functionality for your streaming server and your radio website

Direct stream link

Use your direct stream link everywhere, in your mobile apps, radio directory or your own player

Server Always On

Disable the 'Idle Timeout' for the streaming server, your server will stay online 24/7 even if no source is connected

Increased Limits

With Cloud Plus you can stream at up to 128Kbps for a higher quality broadcast and 1000 listeners slots

Real-time features

Unlock realtime website features, live chat, listeners requests and view who's browsing your website in real time

"On-Demand" Recordings

Automatically or manually record your broadcast to our Cloud; up to 2 hours for one recording and a total of 30 recordings

No Advertisements

Remove all advertisements from your radio website

Unlock all these with cloud plus !

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