Introducing: Cloud

Today, we are very excited to announce the new generation of our free plan service – Cloud.

When we first released our free plan service back in 2010, it was a revolution.
There was nothing like it, no other company provided a service that even came close to what we offered.
Since then, a lot has changed on the internet and media industry, new technology emerged, and the internet streaming technology has advanced a lot. Cloud has been developed from sketch to accommodate and reflect those technology advances and today, once again, we are releasing a free service that is few steps ahead of any other company. Cloud is comprised by three major aspects:
Streaming server, mangement panel and a radio website.

Streaming server

A customized Icecast 2.5 server will power your audio stream, with over a decade of experience from its previous version it is a tremendous step forward constructed to provide you with the highest audio stream quality possible and to allow us to expend our capabilities at the future.
We now also fully support the latest, state of the art audio encoding: Opus.
Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet
Opus is superior to MP3 in terms of sound quality simply because it needs less bit rate to achieve a certain standard of audio quality. in simple terms Opus stream at a bitrate of 96kbps is far superior to MP3 stream at a bitrate of V5 (130kbps).

Mangement Panel

Our new management panel gives you full control over your streaming server, broadcasts in real time.
In addition, it is also a full content mangement system for your radio website,

Radio Website

With Cloud you’ll also get a beautiful, state of the art customizable radio website packed with features to accommodate all your radio station needs. Cloud is a complete solution for internet radio stations and the best part? 
It’s completely free! That’s right, you can enjoy all the benefits and features of Cloud without any cost.



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